Victoria Doramus – Market Analyst Turning Trends into Products


Victoria Doramus is a digital and print media professional with a sense of creative expression. Going beyond the media and marketing career, she is passionate about charity, targeted toward women’s rights and animals.

A varied experience in communications stems from Victoria Doramus’s involvement with media, advertising, and branding. Her interest in media started with the undergraduate degree from the University of Colorado, Boulder, CO, where Victoria Doramus graduated with a degree in journalism and mass communication. Her academic focus was on copywriting and advertising writing.

In addition to her university studies, Victoria Doramus attended the Sotheby’s Institute of Art, where she completed an immersive program in the  history and development of art in the western world from ancient Greek beginnings to contemporary art.

Following her studies, Victoria Doramus set out to gain her work experience through creative work for Mindshare, Stila Cosmetics, Creative Arts Agency, Trendera, and was also the personal assistant to film director and producer Peter Berg. The assistance required a detailed approach, and Victoria Doramus was in charge of  property management and household inventory, as well as coordinating the domestic staff. She also kept contacts with vendors, partners, organizations and other staff related to the work of Mr. Berg.

Victoria Doramus started her career at Mindshare, staying from 2006, to 2007, as Assistant Media Planner, where she gained experience operating a marketing budget and arranged print media buying for the client. Mindshare is a niche learning center, offering courses on digital marketing, as well as healthcare analytics.

The first time Victoria Doramus mixed the experience of communication and marketing was for the Trendera brand. As part of the marketing team, she took up creative roles in crafting a marketing strategy. She was the social media image builder for the Trendera brand, and worked toward translating lifestyle trends into marketing campaigns for brand implementation and product development. Additionally, she  managed client projects, curated city guides, and worked on custom trend reports.

Following the marketing experience, Victoria Doramus established herself as an author, becoming a regular contributor and senior writer at the Huffington Post. She covered lifestyle trends and worked toward Trendcentral, a daily online trend newsletter and website. During that time, she also contributed to The Cassandra Report, a quarterly trend report covering micro and macro trends in various lifestyle categories. Victoria Doramus also used her trend exploration expertise to maintain a fashion blog for a client. In additional work on the same beat, she produced trend segments for the national television shows, “The View” and “Good Morning America.”

Additionally, Victoria Doramus worked in a series of freelance positions related to writing and research. She contributed research and material toward several print books, including Decades: A Century of Fashion (Bloomsbury, 2012); The Modern Girl’s Guide to Sticky Situations  (Harper Collins, 2011); Menu Dating: Taste-Test Your Way to the Main Course  (St. Martin’s Griffin, 2009); and What’s Next: The Expert’s Guide  (Harper Collins, 2008).

During that time, Victoria Doramus also developed visual materials for the J.Crew and Stila Cosmetics Collaboration.

Doramus also served as a writing and research assistant to bring to market the Modern Girls Guide to Sticky Situations,  by Jane Buckingham (Harper Collins, 2011). Following that, Doramus spent two years as the personal assistant to director Peter Berg.

The varied experience helped Victoria Doramus establish herself with expertise in the field of noticing and clarifying trends. In the 21st century, the fast flow of information makes trends important for speedy marketing efforts. Victoria Doramus possesses the skills to identify trends that will impact specific markets, and has a demonstrated experience writing, editing, and reporting global market trends.

Since 2016, Victoria Doramus set out to follow her passions in earnest, becoming self-employed and opening up to charities. Currently based in London, she is involved in the Amy Winehouse foundation. As a self-employed Director of Philanthropy, Victoria Doramus has been involved with the foundation, which aims at alleviating the effects of alcohol and drug abuse on young people, and educates on risks and opportunities.

Another charity Victoria Doramus supports is Room to Read, a non-profit supporting girls’ literacy and educations. As a branching out toward women’s rights, she is involved in the Women’s Prison Association, an organization working with women at all stages of the justice process.

Victoria Doramus also supports the Best Friends Animal Society, which fits her values for its no-kill policy for stray animals. The Best Friends Animal Society is an animal rescue and advocacy organization, working to control feral animal populations through a humane TNR (trap, neuter, return) approach.


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