Uber And Lyft Want To Control More Forms Of Transportation


    Who could have imagined that Uber and Lyft would one day not only help people find a ride in a car to get where they needed to go but might also help people who needed other forms of transportation to get to their destination? That is what they are trying to do according to CNBC.

    The financial news website says that Uber and Lyft are making plays for things such as boat transportation, bikes, public transit, and more. They are going after every market that they possibly can to capitalize on the popularity of their services.

    These are both companies that were routinely looked over and mocked by Wall Street types at one point in their existence. They were not seen as legitimate players in markets that were dominated by taxi cabs and the like. Most could not see how it would be to anyone’s benefit to have to pay for a ride in a stranger’s car. However, things have changed a lot sense then.

    It is so easy to schedule a ride from the app on your phone for either an Uber or Lyft driver. You can see where your driver is and how long it will take the to get to you (usually a matter of minutes). You can also see what the exact rate will be to get from point A to point B at that moment. You pay ahead of time and then get to just enjoy your ride.

    Now, both Uber and Lyft are interested in moving towards getting other forms of transportation under their wings as well. They are looking at how they can start to provide some forms of public transportation for example. There is a big market for that as nearly every city of any reasonable size has some form of public transportation available to the people.

    Bikes are another popular form of transportation in certain cities and areas. It is not uncommon for people to not want to purchase their own bicycle but may instead prefer to rent one via something like Uber or Lyft. Both companies are rushing to make that happen as well. This is a program that will most likely take off in bigger cities such as New York and San Francisco.

    At the end of the day there is no question that Uber and Lyft have made a big impact on transportation already and are likely to continue to do so into the future.


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