Russians Rule Blockchain Technology


As cryptocurrency is relatively new, there are not that many established names in the industry as of yet. However, when it comes to blockchain technology, Russians can boast of at least two entrepreneurs that have revolutionized the cryptocurrency industry for the better – Vitalik Buterin and Pavel Durov.

Vitalik Buterin

Mr. Buterin is one of the co-founders of Ethereum blockchain technology, which is able to process other cryptocurrency transactions as well as its own much on a single platform much faster and safer than bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies.

He is also the co-founder of Bitcoin Magazine, the first and most reliable source on anything related to bitcoin, blockchain technology, and nearly everything within the cryptocurrency world.

Pavel Durov

A bit of a renegade entrepreneur, Pavel is best known for his Facebook-like social media platform VK and his massive bets within the cryptocurrency world.

Not know to shy away from authority, Mr. Durov has often taken on the law various times and won. His most recent venture, Telegram, is a messaging app that boasts its own blockchain network and can synchronize all of one’s messaging devices across all of their devices making it the fastest messaging network in the world.

Russian Leads The Pack

According to Forbes, when it comes to cryptocurrency technology -pretty much anything technology-related these days – Russians are extremely influential in either the development process or the running of the company itself.

Just look at Google and WhatsApp, two of the biggest tech names in the world today, and you will see that there are either expat Russians or Russian-Americans behind recent technology development or somewhere high on the management ladder.

Even if they are not working full-time for any of the major tech companies, they are at the very least advising them on the programming, developing, and managing of blockchain technology and social media and social messaging optimization.

Russia Is A High-Tech Nation

What do all these Russian developers, programmers, and entrepreneurs in the blockchain industry tell us – that Russia produces technological talent in spades.

Russia has always boasted an impressive list of tech-savvy scientists and mathematicians but has only recently been able to put them into commercial use for the benefit of society at large.

Without the constraints of military-centered science, Russian tech experts have recently been able to set their sites on blockchain technology as well as other technological innovations like AI (Artificial Intelligence) and VR (Virtual Reality).

20% Of Blockchain Startups Run By Russians

In 2017, approximately 20% of the top 50 blockchain startup companies were Russian in origin. This number is only expected to increase as many Russian developers and programmers realize that they can make a hell of a living producing and managing blockchain platforms.

Even if Russian techies cannot find suitable employment within their own country, places like Silicon Valley and Dubai are ready to pay top dollar for Russian engineering and cryptography. What is more, Russians are more than willing to travel the world many times over in order to make a difference and change the world, one blockchain at a time.


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