Elon Musk Takes On Warren Buffet


    It is hard to take on Warren Buffet when it comes to investing and expect to win that battle. You are better off keeping your thoughts to yourself in the vast majority of cases when you think that you have any chance at all of doing something better than Warren Buffet does it when it comes to investing. Plenty of people have tried to take on his tenets in the past, and they almost always fail. The problem for them is that he has way more experience than they do. He has seen more markets than they have, and he has made himself into one of the top ten wealthiest people on Earth simply through investing wisely.

    All of this has not stopped Elon Musk from trying to take on the Oracle of Omaha says a MarketWatch article. Musk seemed to take it as a challenge when he went after an idea that Buffet has long held about investing in things that have a so-called “moat”. That is a competitive advantage to them that is not easy to strip away. Most of the time this helps the company to maintain its corner of the market without a lot of competition. Those are the types of companies that Buffet has always liked to invest in.

    Musk says that moats are an outdated idea and that he believes in shaking up the business world in entirely different ways. He says that he would challenge Buffet to make a better company than him in virtually anything that the man could think of.

    This all stemmed from the fact that Buffet had said that while Musk definitely looks at the world in different ways and creates amazing things, he would likely not want to take on Buffet and his friends when it comes to making something like candy. Musk went to Twitter to say that he would take on Buffet in candy and that he could do it better than Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway company does with their holdings.

    Musk went on to say that he was very serious about taking on Buffet. To be clear, it is not evident yet if Musk will really do anything about making an actual candy division out of his company or if he plans to invest in candy at all. However, we can say that he definitely will not back down from a challenge whenever he is called out on one.



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