OneLogin Provides A Comprehensive Single Sign-On Service



The issue of data protection is something that many brands in the modern world have to deal with, and one of the most popular and effective ways to improve data security is by employing a powerful single sign-on portal. An SSO is simply a login portal that allows a user to access all their apps by entering a single set of credentials. One of the field’s most trusted service providers is OneLogin, and their SSO solutions are some of the most comprehensive on the market. Multi-factor authentication and various password policies are used to protect user data, and you can control the level of complexity required from passwords in the system.


The full suite of services from OneLogin includes OneLogin Desktop, a system that allows a user to enter a single password for their desktop operating system in order to also gain access to any installed apps or services through the same device. This is accomplished via software certificates that provide instant access since the machine is marked as ‘trusted’ by the system. In this way, user data is protected through a method that actually reduces the amount of interaction required from the user. There aren’t many other ways to streamline your system in such a protective way.

Features Unique To OneLogin SSO

OneLogin also offers users the ability to access several accounts through the same service without having to re-enter the same password over and over. For example, you might have five or six WordPress websites and various accounts for Google Apps, and with OneLogin, you can access all of those accounts with a single password. Streamlined login functionality like that is exceptionally helpful, especially for businesses that offer a service that is disjointed across multiple digital spaces.

With the help of Social Identity Provider credentials, OneLogin users can access the full suite of services without creating a specific password for their system. That means if you already have an existing account with any of the various supported social networks, you can use the credentials from that social account to use the OneLogin system. These features are easily put into effect in your business.

Ease of Use

With OneLogin, users rarely have to enter their credentials, which is the entire point of the software. When a user signs into a Windows environment for their corporate brand, the OneLogin system automatically logs them in with the Integrated Windows Authentication tool.


In some cases, apps will issue emails and other messages that contain links directly to their service or app. If you use OneLogin, these links will not be an issue at all. You can use OneLogin to sign-in automatically when one of this links is encountered and clicked.


Private users can get just as much out of the OneLogin SSO service as corporate users. Personal social accounts can be easily handled by the software since they are easily configured to work with the tools. It doesn’t take much time, energy, or knowledge to set up the software for such use.

Whether you have users in France, Spain, England, China, or just about anywhere else in the world, they will be able to take full advantage of the software thanks to the 21 supported languages. The software automatically uses a language that is used by the device web browser, which makes setting up the software even easier.

Check Compatibility

Some web apps and online services aren’t compatible with single sign-on systems, but OneLogin can still help with those apps thanks to its password vaulting features. The software is able to store any and all passwords for any and all user names for any and all apps and services, and it will automatically enter those passwords for you when you access any app, even if that app doesn’t directly support single sign-on technology.


The number of pre-integrated web apps that OneLogin can be used with is astounding, and more of these web apps are added to the compatibility list every day. A comprehensive catalog of all available apps can be found in the software, and if you find that one of your favorite apps isn’t supported, you can request that it be added to the compatibility list. This software is even able to handle the complexity of multiple logins for the same corporate account through various apps.


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