Cramer Says Now Is Not To Time To Invest


The investment guru Jim Cramer suggests that now is not the time to put your money to work in the stock market if you haven’t already. He says that those who have not yet put their funds to work need to wait for a less politically active time to get this done. He would prefer to see you putting your money in when there is less going on in the news and a more predictable incline in the value of stocks. That time is not right now.

There is so much going on in the news that prices have swung wildly back and forth from day to day based on whatever the headlines are reading. While the news always has an impact on the markets, Cramer says that right now things are too much of a roller coaster to make much sense to anyone.

The absolute biggest things that Jim Cramer is worried about right now have to do with the Russia investigation as well as the potential for a conflict in Syria. Those two things could weigh very heavily on stock pricing going forward. He does not want to see investors get caught in the middle of trying to figure out the correct value of certain stocks while there is all this geo-political disorder going on at the same time. That could be a recipe for disaster for a new investor.

There are key earnings reports that are set to come out for a variety of the most important and largest stocks in the market. However, that news could all get sidetracked if there is a big breaking news story related to the Russia investigation or to the conflict in Syria. Either one of those two things could take all of the oxygen out of the room as it were and make it a lot easier for certain stocks to fall. This is why it is so important that each individual investor takes his or her time to figure out when to enter the market.

There is hope that calmer times are ahead. It may given this market some time to shake things out and figure out which direction it really wants to head in. That is something that you would rather allow the market to do without your money in play than to worry about this while you have real money on the line riding on the every action of the news.




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