CEO and US Marine Corps Veteran, Perry Mandera, Gives Back To Chicago Community

Veteran Perry Mandera Helps Chicago Community

Perry Mandera has been a juggernaut in the transportation industry ever since he started his company Custom Cares Companies, Inc. Because Mr. Mandera is passionate about helping people who are experiencing difficulties, he started a charity that he named “Custom Cares Charities.”


Before Perry had a chance to embark on his glorious career, he was a high school student in Chicago who graduated in 1975. After his graduation, Mr. Mandera immediately joined the United States Marine Corps Reserves. Because he was selected to work in the motor pool, he received instruction on how to drive a truck, and that set him on a path toward making a difference in the transportation industry (


After he was discharged honorably from the Marine Corps, the 23-year-old Perry got his first job at a transportation company. He went on to work for several transportation companies over the years until he started his own in 1980. He sold this business so that he could move on to the business that he currently runs.


Custom Cares Companies, Inc.


In 1986, Custom Cares Companies, Inc. was born, and it serves the needs of several businesses in the Chicago area. These companies include small businesses that are family-owned, but he also provides services for Fortune 100 corporations. The Custom Cares Companies, Inc. earns revenues of more than $200 million every year.


The main headquarters of Custom Cares Companies, Inc. is located in Northlake, IL, and it employs hundreds of people. The company also maintains offices in other areas of the country where several agents are employed.


Perry Mandera turned The Custom Cares Companies, Inc. into an enterprise that is a “Full-Service Transportation Provider,” and some of its services are Domestic and International Air Freight Forwarding Services, Truckload and LTL Services, Local Cartage and Dedicated Contract Cartage and an assortment of Logistic Services and Products.


Custom Cares Charities


Custom Cares Companies, Inc. is not just a company that serves the needs of business people in the area. Since it is highly important to Mr. Mandera to be a leader who is helping his community in any way that he can, he founded the Custom Cares Charities in association with The Custom Cares Companies, Inc. to work with several different entities. Custom Cares Charities is a 501(c)(3) charitable establishment. Through this giving organization, Mr. Mandera had the opportunity to give several families tens of thousands of dollars during the holidays. This money made it possible for these families to have the enjoyable holiday season that they would not ordinarily have had.


Another example of Mr. Mandera’s generosity can be seen if a company believes that it is important to be of assistance to others. These are people with whom he definitely wants to be associated, and because of these associations, these organizations received 6,500 winter coats for the children who needed them across Chicago and neighboring locations.


For the above-stated reason, Mr. Mandera is a sponsor of more than 100 youth sports teams and a massive group of charitable organizations. Some of these charities include Cancer Cures and Prevention, The Jesse White Tumblers and The Walter & Connie Payton Foundation. The several children’s and youth organizations that Mr. Mandera ensures that the Custom Cares Charities supports are listed on the website for Custom Cares Company, Inc.


Mr. Mandera has been known to offer individual people financial assistance, but he goes even further than that. He also provides young people who have been abused, disadvantaged or underprivileged with a financial education.


Natural Disasters


The fact that Mr. Mandera owns several trucks made him the obvious choice to assist the victims of the tornado that struck Washington, IL in 2013. He put his vehicles to use and was able to send the supplies that were needed to make things a little easier for people living in the city. After Hurricane Katrina devastated Mississippi and Louisiana, Mr. Mandera sent trucks down south that were filled with supplies and food.


As a rule, whenever there is a natural disaster that needs the type of help that Mr. Mandera can give, he is the first in line to offer it. He even addressed the needs of those who were suffering far away in California after the wildfires began to ravage the landscape last year.


For the Love of Sports


Mr. Mandera has a passion for sports, and it has motivated him to sponsor more than 100 youth sports teams. He has also coached various youth baseball, basketball, and football teams.


In addition to coaching the kids, Mr. Mandera also works with adults. With an interest in boxing, he supported and managed boxing competitors. One of his charges even competed in the 1992 Olympics as a U.S. Olympic Super Heavyweight. He was the co-manager of Olympic boxer “Irish” Andy Lee who competed in the 2004 Olympics as a competitor representing Ireland.




It is very important to Mr. Mandera to help America’s veterans in any way possible. For that purpose, he works in close association with Marine for Life and Hiring Our Heroes, two organizations dedicated to the issues that are facing our military heroes.


Political Aspirations


Mr. Mandera also served his community as a Republican Ward Committeeman for the 26th Ward in the city of Chicago. At that time in 1984, he was the youngest person to be elected to that position. He served until 1988.


Board of Directors


Perry Mandera serves on the board of directors for three different organizations. One is The Walter & Connie Payton Foundation, and the other is The Jesse White Tumblers. He is also on the board of the Illinois Transportation Association or ITA.




In 2000, Mr. Mandera was honored by the ITA with the “Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennium Award.”


In 2010, the Illinois State Crime Commission presented Perry Mandera with the “Bishop Sheil Award.” The organization also gave him its “Citizen of the Year Award” in 2011.


Perry Mandera married his wife in 1989, and they had two children. He attends church regularly with his family, and he can often be found donating his time to his church when it is needed.

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