The NCAA Looks To Change Its Image And Maybe Even Pay Athletes


The NCAA has been under some heat lately to say the least. A number of scandals have erupted that have put them in a place they do not want to be. Sexual harassment allegations to stories of athletes receiving illegal payments in order to play for certain schools have all come to light as of late. It has put the NCAA in the awkward position of trying to defend its stance against athletes being paid at the collegiate level while at the same time trying to tamp down these scandals.

CNBC says that now may be the time for the NCAA to consider a revamp to its image. They go on to say that they might even want to go so far as to allow for payments to athletes in college.

At this very moment, March Madness is sweeping the nation. However, some are turned off by the idea that the NCAA teams at the top of the heap are often those who are the most willing to break the rules. Recent investigations by the FBI have brought that much to light. Those investigations showed that at least seven of the top ten NCAA basketball programs at that moment had illegally paid players or otherwise bribed them to come and play there.

One possible solutions that has been suggested by some is to pay athletes like work/study students are paid. This would be pay that is basically minimum wage, but the suggestion is also that the NCAA should be in charge of things like loans that student-athletes might need to cover things such as travel expenses for their family or other sports-related expenses. That would not be the same as directly paying the athletes, but it would get them closer to receiving some compensation for the work that they do.

These are the kind of solutions that just might help clamp down on a lot of the scandals that come up from time to time in relation to paying student athletes. It would create a more level playing field between all of the different schools as well. That may be enough to help bring back the image of the NCAA in the minds of a lot of the fans who have been soured by the experience of watching college games as of late. It just might be enough to transform their whole outlook on a lot of these current issues.


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