Google Is Banning Ads For Binary Options And Crypto-Currencies


Google has made a big announcement for a particular industry when they declared that they would ban all ads for binary options as well as crypto-currencies from their platform. They are taking this action in the hopes that it will deter scammers who have taken advantage of many people in the past from continuing to do what they have done for so long.

The world’s largest search engine has seen a number of problematic ads from binary options platforms and crypto-currencies as well. A big part of the issue that they have had with these is that those two industries are often unregulated and can get away with a lot of things that they should not be able to. In some cases, they are simply taking the deposits that people make and running off with them.

The ads are coming down starting in June says They were the outlet that reported this because a lot of the scams that Google was detecting were originating from that region of the world. The scammers had gotten away with it for a long period of time, but now Google is putting its foot down and saying enough is enough. No longer are people going to get away with pulling off the stunts that they have been pulling up to this point. Instead, Google is taking severe action against anyone who thinks that they can get away with this kind of thing.

Immigrants to the country and others recruited in for this types of scams have created a certain underground economy of sorts that preys on those who are trying to make some quick money for themselves from home. Perhaps you could say that those who are trying to make those quick bucks having brought it upon themselves, but who can blame a person for just trying to make a better life for themselves and their family? That is exactly the kind of thing that all of us really want when it all comes down to it.

It is certainly not fair to say that all of these scams have come directly from Israel, but it is fair to say that Google did not want to put up with this any longer than it absolutely had to. Therefore, they are putting the ban on these ads and hoping to see a reduction in the number of cases of scams reported from those who advertise with them.


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