Bitcoin Is A Popular Subject Of Conversation In NFL Locker Rooms


There is more than ideal gossip and discussions of the game of football when it comes to NFL lock rooms. Players have been discussing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as of late. In part, Seattle Seahawks player Richard Sherman has had an interest in the currency. He even began to accept Bitcoin as payment for merchandise on his websites as early as 2014 says CNBC.

When he was injured and unable to play the game for a period of time, Sherman took the time off to study up on and learn as much as he could about these new cryptocurrencies. He wanted to know how to trade them, what their potential was in the market, and anything else that he possibly could while he was studying them. Doing this put him in a position where he is able to potentially profit from his knowledge in a big way.

Sherman personally does own some of the cryptocurrencies that he has studied so much about. He believes that they are potentially risky investments in a way, but he also likes to take his chances and see if he can’t come up with a winning investment by playing the odds.

There are a lot of questions that come up from both NFL players and other random people from the public who are interested in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as well. People want to know basic things like if these currencies are even real physical coins, or if they are just called that. There are plenty of questions in general when it comes to cryptocurrencies. The reality is that we have simply not come to fully understand them until they are explained out more throughly.

Sherman at least has taken it upon himself to learn about these. He is happy to answer the types of questions that his fellow players have. At the same time, he is careful to say that he does not give out investment advice to any of the players. He does not want someone to follow some wayward comment that he may make and take it as legitimate investment advice. That kind of thing is best left to the professionals in his estimation. Thus, he wants everyone to go out and do their own research. He also would prefer that they look into this kind of investing before they ever put their own money on the line. That is just sound advice and good financial common sense.


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