A Solution for Money Managers? ATC Brokers Introduces PAMM Plus

ATC Brokers

Life as a money manager in foreign exchange markets just got a little easier: ATC Brokers recently announced the launch of PAMM Plus, a new and improved version of its PAMM service.

According to the FCA-regulated, UK-based brokerage firm, money managers now have the ability with PAMM Plus to operate multi-currency accounts using several new capabilities, unavailable to them previously.  Money managers have the new luxury of executing trades and managing multiple clients with multiple currencies, all through one master account.

Some of the PAMM Plus upgrades include the following:

  • Send one batch order to liquidity providers, allocated to all participants, with one real time price
  • Subscribe (or unsubscribe) instantly during market hours without affecting other participants
  • Quickly adjust participation levels
  • Set stop equity loss limits as needed

Jack Manoukian, Co-Founder of ATC Brokers, is proud of the upgrade and what it means for money managers and the foreign exchange market:

“Our firm continues to implement innovative technology within the industry.”

He goes on to say “the PAMM Plus addition to our product line reinforces our commitment to providing clients with software that enhances their trading experience.”

PAMM Plus takes advantage of smart logic for position allocation, meaning it can detect changes made to client funds when orders are placed.

This upgraded back office portal gives money managers access to technology they didn’t have previously: real time multi-layer payouts, tracking of account activity, monitoring and reporting.

Other advantageous features of the PAMM Plus service include the ability to pull report summaries and submit ticket inquiries, which can be extremely important when dealing with time sensitive issues.

Money managers and subscribers work together in hopes of achieving results that are mutually beneficial. In order for this to occur, they must be able to effectively communicate with each other at a moment’s notice.

The new and improved PAMM Plus from ATC Brokers is specifically designed to meet all those needs. If you’re a money manager looking to learn more, see the helpful presentation on PAMM Plus, here: atcbrokers.co.uk/platform.


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