TD Ameritrade Brings 24 Hour Trading To The Average Trader


Can’t get enough of the market action? That is fair and understandable, and it is also a good reason why TD Ameritrade has decided to bring the markets to a twenty-four hour session even for the average trader. According to CNBC, they are experimenting with allowing twenty-four hour, five day per week trading on certain popular ETFs and other types of investments.

TD Ameritrade is opening things up for the average person with this kind of trading. The lengthy hours like this make it similar to the currency or FOREX markets. Those markets trade on a similar twenty-four hour pattern. They have also opened up to retail investors, so it is not as surprising perhaps that others wanted to jump on the popularity of this style of trading.

The company is looking to expand the twenty-four hour offerings that it has to other popular investments such as individual stocks like Amazon and Apple. They say that they want to do this once enough liquidity builds up in the ETFs that they are going to offer right off the bat. They are eager to make these offerings as quickly as possible as this will boost the commissions that the company is able to take in.

This is seen by some as a move by TD Ameritrade to get its own share of the pie when it comes to a trading frenzy that has been going on as of late. Not only is the stock market at all-time highs right now, but there is also a lot of trading happening in things like Bitcoin right now. A lot of that action is coming directly from retail investors, and these are the bread and butter for TD Ameritrade.

Online stock brokers have been under some pressure as of late, so this may be the best business decision that the company could make right now given its place in the market.


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