There Could Still Be Some Speculation Options In The S&P 500


The Standard and Poor’s 500 or S&P 500 is a stock index that is commonly referred to. It is a collection of the 500 largest public companies in America. It is a good index to refer to when talking about the health of the market. This is because it is something that encompasses a wide variety of stocks. Knowing what the S&P 500 is doing gives you a good sense of what the broader market is doing in general.

The worst performers in 2017 in the S&P are possibly some of the best stocks to take a look at when it comes to this year says CNBC’s Jim Cramer. That is because there are some of them that may be primed for speculation into the coming year. People may decide that they just have to have certain companies that have been battered and bruised in the previous year.

One of the stocks that Cramer likes for 2018 is Foot Locker. The stock took a massive cut in 2017, including a big dive from $47 per share to $31 per share in just two days. That was an over correction in the eyes of Cramer. He says that it is time to give this stock a second look. It is entirely possible for this stock to continue to correct.

Cramer says that it may not be that Foot Locker is all that good of a company in general, but it is possible that the market will allow it to bolster its way back to good prices. The company has seen some of its same store sales stabilize, and the management says that the business overall is looking up.

Advance Auto Parts is another company that has not performed all that well. Cramer says that this is an oddity to him. He says that the company has taken a plunge because there were fears that Amazon would get into the auto parts business. Even if that is true, it does not necessarily spell the doom of Advance Auto Parts.

There is a lot of reason to believe that this stock is now on discount when it comes to what it is really worth. It is something that you might want to contemplate picking up some shares of. Again, the future of the company as a whole is uncertain, but it is definitely a place that seems to deserve a high price tag for its stock than what it gets right now.


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