Apple CEO Tim Cook Has Success With His Trump Strategy


In a relatively quiet manner, the value of Apple’s stock has increased in value by 50% over the last calendar year. This has translated into gains of $300 billion in shareholder’s market value.

The total market capitalization of the company now is a staggering $911 billion, which is that largest ever and nearly $300 billion more than the current value of the market capitalization for Amazon.

It is beginning to appear that Apple is on a trajectory to become the first company to reach the $1 trillion mark and the performance of the company’s stock has as much to do with CEO Tim Cook’s ability to come up with a successful Donald Trump era management strategy as it does with the quality of products offered by the company.

Cook took control at the helm of the company in August of 2011, just two months before the death of Steve Jobs. The position Cook found himself in at this point is perhaps one that only he can understand. From one perspective, Cook was well-groomed for success by a management genius in Jobs. The other half of the story was that the pressure to succeed in the wake of Jobs’ death would be enormous.

Under the leadership of Cook, the stock for the company has soared by 228%. This is exceptional when compared with the 125% increase for the S&P 500.

And now to Cook’s Trump strategy. The one thing that the president has been adamant about is the need to create jobs. Apple has responded to the president’s call by investing $350 billion dollars domestically and provide over 20,000 new employment opportunities.

It is not being suggested that Cook would have been less of a CEO if Hillary Clinton had been victorious in the 2016 election but it is demonstrative of how Cook, like many other CEO’s of top companies, has to a certain degree changed his method of doing business in response to President Trump.

The President has taken notice. In a speech given at a factory in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania, the President informed supporters that he had personally made a call to Cook to thank him. President Trump also expressed his belief that he had never known a company to invest so much in job creation.

For Apple shareholders, this is a pat on the back that can directly pay dividends.


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