Upwork Witnesses an Innovative Decade of Online Job Opportunities, Demand for Engineers in Blockchain Increases

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For the past 10 years, Upwork has had an online history of matching entrepreneurs with talented, self-employed individuals. Formerly known as Elance-oDesk, the business venture was an innovative concept. At that time, two business associates founded a platform enabling people to work at online jobs in the privacy of their own homes. The platform was a huge success permitting the founders to expand their original vision by helping numerous people find online work. The basic framework led to a global business attracting freelance clients and workers from all over the world.

Upwork Posts Millions of Online Job Opportunities Each Year

Posting millions of job opportunities every year, self-employed sole proprietors take advantage of the posts. Online workers at Upwork currently earn a total surpassing $1 billion each year. Plus, the freelancers engaged in various tasks offered by Upwork clients have more than 5,000 different skills attracting new business owners on a regular basis. Projects include content writing for business websites, mobile app development, graphic design, secretarial help, implementation of search engine optimization (SEO) techniques and marketing strategies for social media platforms. Clients and workers are satisfied with the online arrangement designed to get tasks done quickly and at affordable rates.

Blockchain Development is Moving at a Fast Pace at Upwork

In 2018, Upwork has witnessed a phenomenal 6,000 percent increase in jobs related to blockchain technology. The reason for the impressive increase is because the blockchain industry continues to expand regardless of the fact that many people are bewildered by the actual technology. Products and services are connected to blockchain engineering. Blockchain technology is moving at a quick pace. The pace is so fast that it has already prompted a number of regulations at the beginning of 2018.

The United States of America is currently involved in implementing blockchain technology as a method of growth. Korea, Japan, Russia and China are also involved in the new blockchain movement. At the ING Group with headquarters located in progressive Amsterdam, a survey showed that the adoption and use of cryptocurrencies may double in the near future. People interested in the possibility of investing in cryptocurrencies flooded the cryptocurrency exchanges in 2017 and in the beginning months of 2018.

No one denies that blockchain technology continues to grow while the blockchain industry also experiences constant expansion. The main goal is to cause industries to display more transparency and become less centralized. Industries used by blockchain technology include health care, insurance companies and social media platforms. The main problem associated with expansion centers on the fact that there are not enough blockchain engineers to inspire technological advances.

It is difficult to find a knowledgeable blockchain engineer. Plus, blockchain engineering services are high-priced. The most experienced block chain engineers are devoted to their blockchain applications. Some engineers look toward the future and realize that they can earn substantial incomes if they develop their own companies. Consequently, blockchain engineers are branching out on their own, leaving large corporations without any available talent.

Tech Job Opportunities Continue to Expand

At Upwork, the jobs growing at a quick pace are connected with technology. Amazon Dynamo DB and Tensorflow are examples of two companies delving into the development of chatbox techniques, augmented reality and machine learning. A constant demand for content writers and graphic designers continues to attract talented freelancers. In addition, Upwork has noticed that clients are looking for Ethereum smart contract programmers who are knowledgeable about Hyperledger Composer.

Plus, some university courses currently include blockchain modules. Unfortunately, most of the university professors do not know anything about blockchain technology. In fact, it is uncertain as to whether any college instructors have any knowledge about the topic. Consequently, the constant demand for improving blockchain technological advances is at a potential standstill.

Blockchain Engineering is an Excellent Field for Millennials

Millennials who are interested in working within the blockchain engineering field should take the time to learn how to work with Solidify. Learning about Solidify gives a person more knowledge about programming techniques. Another framework in high demand at Upwork includes the hyperledge composer offering the ability to develop blockchain applications.

In Los Angeles, blockchain freelancers can earn attractive salaries ranging from $75,000 to $150,000 per year. A worker needs to know how to create a devolved ecosystem and how to share the technology. At IndieStorm, a blockchain engineer must have the ability to work without any type of formal recognition. The person works in an anonymous position. In addition, many government agencies want to find experienced blockchain engineers who are able to form blockchain teams. These government agencies are desperate to find new talent so that they can remain a few steps in advance of society’s technical requirements.


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