Financial Thrillers


To some people, a financial thriller is an oxymoron. In a subgenre of whodunit fiction that the financial system, as well as economy plays a leading role, is the definition of a financial thriller. In actual sense, a fiscal thrillers can be opportune, volatile and cultured as well as inventive. Stocks and bonds are an attractive aspect at the mention of the financial systems. However, the ecosphere of high finance is developed, and under-reconnoitered terrain for thrillers.

There are several reasons why the high financial sector is described as an active zone of thrillers. Money is the channel for utmost-stake law-breaking. All the corruption and wrongdoings revolve around large sums of money that are indirectly linked to the bank. Most of the world’s criminal activities, ranging from drug cartels among other activities, are money-based. The utmost direct technique to trail a high-flying scoundrel is via ensuing their money while cutting off their financial sources. This is the easiest way to stop them. Money increases the risk factor of all crimes. Any thriller could comprise a fiscal section that would only serve to further the plot while intensifying the tension.

Bank statements can prove a lot of activities that go on, ranging from firearm dealings, to finding criminal activities. The confidentiality theme in the financial sector makes it hard to trail these activities. Finance remains a mystery to many people as it is not accessible thus making it limited and unapproachable. These factors make it an excellent provender for thrillers. The operations that happen in the financial world, including sequestered meetings and confidential discussions, hide a lot of things. Money provides a touch of luxury making it the best choice for thrillers as it gives a platform for exploring beautiful locales.

The world of high finance elevates philosophical and ethical enquiries. Money on itself possesses a corrupting influence. Setting a thriller in the economic realm certainly raises queries on its changing effect on people. Rarely these factors get considered. The notion that the financial world is sensitive and unhampered with makes it an excellent harbor for thrillers. The world is filled with many terrific political and legal thrillers that get explored through time-consuming processes. However, the financial system remains a widely unexplored zone. Financial broadcasts have turned out to be far more convenient since 2008. This has made it an attraction for both media and Hollywood. Shows such as Billions and movies like Arbitrage have adopted the trend. Not much is explored and documented about banks. This makes it a hub for financial thrillers. In fact, even financiers hardly feature documentations, whether as villains or characters.


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