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financial fitness Graeme Holm Infinity Group Australia

In 2013, MPA Top 100 Broker Graeme Holm and his partner Rebecca Walker spent six months developing an innovative business plan, which included researching problems with the Australian mortgage market.

The pair concluded that Australian families suffered from a lack of support, guidance, and ongoing services. In many cases, Graeme Holm felt that families were getting a bad deal from financial institutions.

Holm set out to change the status quo with Infinity Group Australia, bringing the personal trainer concept to finance. In a recent interview, Holm detailed Infinity Group Australia’s unique approach to financial fitness.

About Graeme Holm

Graeme Holm is the director of Infinity Group Australia, which has locations in Port Macquarie, Brisbane, Melbourne, Cronulla, and Bella Vista. Holm has worked in financial services for over 17 years, spending about 10 years in a Big Four banking environment.

There, Holm noticed that most clients were living paycheck to paycheck and making only minimum loan repayments across the 30-year term. Combining his passion for finance and his desire to get a better deal for Australian families, Holm developed the idea behind Infinity Group Australia. With a supportive client-first approach, Holm aims to help everyday Australians reduce their debt and secure their futures.

About Infinity Group Australia

The award-winning Infinity Group Australia offers services in debt reduction, wealth creation, property investment, and retirement strategies. Unlike many other financial institutions, Infinity Group Australia provides customers with ongoing guidance and support, ensuring their financial success.

And the unique approach gets results: With help and resources from Infinity Group Australia, clients eliminate an average of $41,000 in debt within 12 months. 100 percent of clients pay more off their home loans in just three months with Infinity Group Australia than in the full 12 months prior.

Infinity Group Australia’s Process

From start to finish, Infinity Group Australia’s process differs dramatically from that of a traditional broker. Infinity conducts a detailed fact-find that goes in-depth into household expenses and the family’s needs and wants.

Across multiple meetings, Infinity Group Australia works to help clients develop and implement a weekly cash-based budget for expenses such as fuel, groceries, travel, and entertainment. Holm’s financial philosophy is: “If you can’t pay cash, then you’re not buying it! At Infinity, we give every dollar a purpose and focus on teaching the difference between a want and a need while keeping you accountable to your goals.”

Typically, a traditional broker’s work is done once the loan has settled, but Infinity is just getting started. Clients are allocated a personal banker to help them pay off loans as quickly as possible. Each month, clients receive a performance report that allows them to determine if they are reaching their goals and expectations or if adjustments need to be made to the previously developed budget. Clients also receive six monthly, detailed reviews to ensure successful reduction of the family mortgage.

As Graeme Holm explains it, “At Infinity, we brought to life the concept of ongoing guidance and support throughout the life cycle of the client loan journey. Think of a personal trainer for your finances. If you go to the gym with a personal trainer, you will get better results than without one.”

Infinity Group Australia Reviews and Results

Indeed, the results produced by Infinity Group Australia speak for themselves. On average, clients repay home loans with 30-year terms in just 7-10 years, eliminating $41,000 in debt in the first year alone.

Some clients get even better results: “One of our greatest achievements this year was a reduction of $96,271 in just 12 months from a couple with a young family,” says Graeme Holm. “We haven’t yet met a client that we couldn’t help. We have a range of clients from athletes like Paul Gallen to a 22-year-old navy officer who has just purchased his second investment property.”

Infinity Group Australia reviews support these success stories. Client Lyn Anderson says, “They have helped me to get to a long-term goal of having an investment property and managing to save money so that I can hopefully retire early and have a better life.”

Client Douglas Geary is already experiencing the retirement of his dreams with guidance from Infinity. “Through their support and advice, Infinity Group enabled us to achieve the financial freedom we want in our retirement.”

Customer Trent Cook explains, “Graeme has educated us and helped us with investment options we never thought were possible or in our reach.”

Other families report similar experiences purchasing homes and investment properties, rapidly paying off loans, and enjoying retirement in financial security and comfort.

The Infinity Customer Experience

In addition to producing stellar results, Infinity also provides an excellent customer experience. Customer service is a priority at Infinity Group Australia, and the company recently won the 2018 Customer Experience Management Award’s “Overall Best Organization CX” in Australia.

According to Graeme Holm, most customers enjoy the client-first approach. It enables them to work and spend time with their families without worrying about bills and finances. Clients second this sentiment. “We have been with Infinity for two years and what we value the most is their friendly and approachable manner and how they always make us feel comfortable and at ease,” say Wayne and Grace Baker.

Client Peter Shaw says, “The people at Infinity are fantastic! Terrie and I couldn’t speak any higher of them all, they have bent over backwards to help us and continue to do so each and every week.”

Holm says the awards and rave reviews are “reflective of our belief that we don’t have clients, we have financial family members!”

This family-oriented philosophy is apparent in the many ways Holm and Infinity Group Australia have given back to the community over the years. They’ve given away a Jeep and a $30,000 home renovation, a $30,000 mortgage reduction, need-based scholarships to a dance studio, and more. Infinity Group Australia also sponsors the local Cronulla Sharks. The sponsorship began in 2016, the same year the Sharks won their first NRL premiership.

The Bottom Line

Graeme Holm says that at Infinity Group Australia, “The key outcome is that an Infinity client will pay more off the home loan in the first three months as a client than they did in the entire previous full 12 months without Infinity guiding and supporting them.”

The fact that 100% of clients achieve this “key outcome” demonstrates the effectiveness of Holm’s personal trainer concept. With expertise, motivation, and coaching from Holm and Infinity Group Australia, Infinity’s “financial family members” achieve much better results than they would have otherwise.

This formula allows everyday Australians to minimize expenses while still living comfortably. Ultimately, families reduce debt, generate wealth, and secure comfortable financial futures. They also lead happier, less stressful lives. “The kids are happier because we are happier, less stressed, have fun, and laugh again,” says client Rachel Ninham.

What started as one office and a few desks in 2013 has rapidly grown to five locations, one focused exclusively on sports and entertainment. Graeme Holm’s innovative idea has sparked financial transformations for many Australian families.

In the years to come, Holm and Infinity Group Australia plan to continue coaching families to financial fitness “one Australian home at a time.”





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