Why OneLogin Secures Company Data With Multifactor Authentication Services



A breach in company security can cost a company millions. Then there is the long-term damage to the company’s reputation that comes with every major data breach. A look at some of the biggest data breaches of the past couple of years has shown what one security compromise can do to a company.


Biggest data breaches of the last five years


  • 2017 – Equifax breach of 143 million accounts


  • 2016 – Adult Friend Finder breach of over 413 million accounts


  • 2013 – Yahoo breach of over 3 billion accounts




One of the best ways to secure a company’s data is through something called maultifactor authentication or MFA. MFA involves more than one independent set of credentials in order for someone to access secure data. MFA is implemented by thousands of companies who wish to protect their data.


There is one challenge when it comes to MFA, namely that this multi-step factor can be time consuming and cut down on the productivity. A cumbersome MFA process can lead to millions of dollars and thousands of working hours of productivity. However, there is one company that has taken the MFA process and simplified it down to its simplest form. That company, OneLogin, has become the leader in MFA.


How does MFA work for OneLogin?


OneLogin offers an app called OneLogin Protect. Available on many platforms, OneLogin Protect allows an authorized user to use MFA at the press of a button. The password is set by the registered smartphone or registered smartwatch to OneLogin where the password is verified. Afterward, the authorized user is able to access the secured area.


OneLogin Protect works with G Suite, Office 365, Salesforce.com, as well as corporate VPN and wi-fi. The app can also be used to protect thousands of cloud based applications. No matter what your company wants to secure, OneLogin Protect can do the job. Currently, OneLogin protect is available for Android, Android Wear, Apple iOS and Apple watchOS devices.


For those without a smartphone or access to e-mail, OneLogin offers a MFA solution that allows these individuals to login into the system remotely. The users phone can receive a one-time password through SMS. This one-time password via SMS can also be used for those who wish to re-set their password. In addition to SMS, OneLogin also offers a set of security questions as an additional layer of security. These standard questions are available in over 20 languages. On site and off site, authorized users can securely access your company’s data.


For those working from a desktop, there is OneLogin Desktop. This service combines the operating system sign on along with the corporate password to create a Single Sign On (SSO) portal authentication. For those working on a Mac, this SSO security portal means that the user won’t have to pull out their phone in order to access the corporate network. In addition to desktops, OneLogin also allows you to protect all laptops which belong to authorized users. That includes both PCs and Macs.


By creating MFA solutions for every single type of device, there is virtually no weak point that a hacker can exploit. All authorized users can access corporate information on their semaphore in the morning, their desktop in the afternoon and their laptop in the evening, without compromising the system. OneLogin is simply the 360 degree MFA solution that no company should be without.


Demo it for yourself


In order to really understand the power of OneLogin’s MFA security capabilities, you can request a demo and try out the system for yourself. Simply follow this link to the demo request page. After requesting the custom demo, you will receive a guided tour of the system. Afterward, you can share a recording of the demo to allow others in your organization to under how powerfully and easily OneLogin’s MFA security works. Avoid becoming the next data breach headline and secure all your devices today with OneLogin.


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