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Many consumers who are contacted by a collection agency find that they are confused about the process of collection. Questions naturally arise pertaining to why they are being contacted and what they should do regarding their account status.

In order to aid consumers in this situation, IC System has produced numerous online resources that help inform them how to reach financial resolutions. To gain a better understanding of the agency and the collection process, read on for a summary of the company’s business practices and the resources they make available to all.


Company Bio


When being contacted by IC System, it is important to realize that the company is driven, first and foremost, by ethical and honest practices. Founded in 1938, the accounts receivable company has spent eighty years of existence building a reputation that has placed it at the head of the industry in customer service. In fact, its founders, Ruth and Jack Erickson, made sure of this when crafting the principles on how their services would be administered. As the company is still a family-run organization, now on its third generation of family members, the drive to adhere to these methods is as strong as it has ever been.

In modern times, these principles have evolved into a statement of core values which has codified the ethics and morals built into the business for so long. These guidelines focus on five key areas that are summed up as People, Integrity, Performance, Pride, and Innovation. In a nutshell, these core values seek to create a working environment that everyone at the company can feel proud of. This not only means treating consumers and clients with respect and care, but it also means furthering practices at the company that ensure employees feel connected to the shared tradition of morality that was so important to the founders.


Agent Conduct


Another important thing to realize when you find yourself a part of the collection process is that agent conduct is heavily monitored by the company. This is done to again ensure that all consumers are being treated with the appropriate level of courtesy and respect in every phase of collections. To accomplish this end, agent calls are recorded and reviewed by a team of auditors. The audit team at the company is wholly focused on ensuring proper protocols are followed. This is not only important for the smoothest financial resolution possible, but also to make sure consumers feel empowered to participate fully in the process.


What to Do When Contacted


If you have been contacted by IC System, the first thing to do is to remain calm and positive. The company is aware that no one wants to be on the receiving end of a collection notice, but it is important to realize that the process is designed to take into account everyone’s needs, consumer and client alike. By maintaining a clear head and focusing on a positive resolution of the situation, consumers can help the process go as smoothly as possible. Additionally, this mindset will also put consumers in the best position to advocate for their own perspective throughout collections, an important consideration for all parties involved.

After working to achieve and maintain a positive mindset, there are certain actionable steps that a consumer can work towards to help facilitate collections. The first thing to be done is to ensure the accuracy of the information being presented. Though the company strives to make sure that all information is correct, there are situations in which a case of mistaken identity or account status can lead to erroneous contact. By ascertaining the exact nature of the account in question, a consumer can work to make sure that any collection notice is accurate to current information. In the event the notice is not accurate, informing the collection agency as to the discrepancy will allow the agency to provide the consumer with methods to dispute the account.


Financial Resolution


If the information presented by the collection agency is correct and there is a past due account that needs to be resolved, the best course of action is for a consumer to act quickly to reach an end to the collection process. One primary motivator for this is the potential for a prolonged collection effort to, in some cases, negatively affect a consumer’s credit.

It’s also important to realize that at the foundation of the collection process is the need for a company to receive payment for goods and services that have been rendered. These businesses require payment from their consumers in order to keep their doors open. A prolonged collection process may place a financial burden on the owners and employees of the business that is pursuing a financial resolution. Another reason to act fast is to avoid paying late fees or allowing interest to accumulate that can grow the amount owed on the account.

When you are ready to reach a financial resolution, IC System agents will be on hand to help guide you through the process. The team is licensed and/or bonded in all fifty states, which means you can trust they have the legal authority to help bring the process to an end no matter where you reside. This holds true even if you moved to a new state after services were rendered. By reaching out to a company agent, or working cooperatively with them when they contact you, you will find that the collection process will proceed smoothly.

Though the collection process can be confusing or downright scary for some, it is important to learn about the process and how it can work to reach a financial resolution for all. If you are contacted by IC System, a company with a long-standing reputation for ethical practices, you can rest assured that your account will be handled in a professional, diligent, and equitable manner. Using the above information, take action as soon as possible when the collection process begins, and you will find that resolution can be reached quickly and in a manner that will avoid the need for future worry for all involved.

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