Hamilton Finance Theft Chase


Hamilton Finance LLC is a private company in the finance sector. The company falls under the specialty finance industry in the consumer finance sub-industry. The company offers automobile mortgages to clients to finance their car procurement. Hamilton Finance attends to clienteles in the United States. A former employee of Hamilton Finance is reported to have escaped with 4 million dollars. As a result, the employer has issued a warrant of arrest on the alleged former employee.

Richard James Whitham was due to appear on June 6 at the Hamilton District Court but refused to show up. Richard is accused of embezzlement by an individual in a distinctive relationship. According to Stuff, police whispered that a permit for capture was handed out. As the company profile states, Whitham was an employee in the Hamilton Finance WorldClear, a branch involved with the provision of foreign exchange, account and compensation services.

The company was making efforts to establish a rapport with banks, and it was at that time when Whitham was employed in August 2017. Later on, he turned out to be a manager and stakeholder of T1. T1 was established to open bank accounts and at the same time conduct financial transactions on behalf of WorldClear. Unfortunately, Whitham is accused of running away with $4 million. Consequently, WorldClear has filed a civil case to arrest him. There are allegations that Richard might have fled the country.

A ruling from a High Court judge states that there is considerable support for WorldClear claims that the money was transferred to Whitham’s private bank account. To protect WorldClear’s outstanding funds, the High Court approved a freezing directive over his statements and T1. The order positioned T1 into a provisional liquidation status but stated that it did not affect any person outside New Zealand. Speaking to the Herald, Whitham noted that Hillary (WorldClear founder) acknowledged that he was on holiday. According to the High Court, T1 operated on $4,611,535 on May 17. This is the same day that Whitham left work early on the basis of domestic issues.

Things got complicated when WorldClear staff was unable to access several T1 accounts with Whitham describing that as weird. It raised the alarm to Hillary and the company. ANZ reported to Hillary that Whitham had moved the entire obtainable money to a private account in ASB. Mr Hillary reported to the police after going to Whitham’s address and found that he had left the country. Warwick Smith, an Associate Judge, merited the allegations made by WorldClear in his judgement.


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