George Soros Worried About Incoming Financial Crisis


George Soros Career

George Soros is one of the most respected investors in the world. He grew up in a developing country and moved to the United Kingdom. After graduating from college, he worked at an investment firm. He worked hard and was promoted quickly.

Soros has always been outspoken with his thoughts on the economy. Early in his career, he bet against the United Kingdom. He was right in his prediction, and he ended up making a fortune.

Soros is now worried that another financial crisis is coming. He believes that the coming financial crisis will be worse than the disaster that occurred in 2008.

National Debt

Various nations around the world have high debt levels. Japan is one of the best examples of a nation with a stagnant economy. The national debt is two times the gross domestic product in Japan. With birth rates falling, many people think that Japan is going to stay economically stagnant for many years.

Some nations in Europe are also struggling with high debt levels. Italy is currently in a financial crisis, and other countries are not far behind. If significant changes are not enacted, multiple countries will have to default on a portion of their debt.

Student Loans

Soros also believes that student loans could trigger another economic crisis. The overall student loan levels have increased dramatically in recent years. Many students attend college to improve their career. However, some students are learning that a college degree does not always help in landing a job.

Other Issues

The global economy has various other issues that could trigger an economic collapse. With his experience as an investor, Soros is an excellent person to listen to. Although he holds strong viewpoints, he is usually correct in his predictions. He is personally moving a lot of his capital out of the stock market and into investments like cash and gold. Read more on


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