Could Full-Blown Recession Be Possible?


There is certainly some fear that full-blown recession may soon be upon us. This is a fear put out there by those who are concerned that the trade war talks that have been happening lately could end up sending the United States and possibly other parts of the world into recession. This is the concern because other countries are reacting to what President Trump has been saying with their own tariffs and the like.

CNBC reports that some economists are fearful of this, but they are also quick to note that the numbers just do not add up at the moment. They say that given the amount of people who are employed currently as well as the kind of consumer confidence that we are seeing all over the world, it is unlikely that the United States or any other part of the world is going to going into recession anytime soon.

The biggest thing that those who are on board with this idea have going for them is the fact that trade wars are never all that helpful to any country that participates. We have been down this road before, and the likeliest result is that both countries end up worse off than they were before. They both keep raising tariffs on one another to try to protect their own industries only to see a bit of a cut off from global trade, and that ultimately results in less economic production for both.

Many are just looking for a sign of a recession anywhere that they can find it. A lot of people are seeing these high stock prices that we have and believe that it simply cannot carry on like this for much longer. They have a desire to be the first to spot some trend that others have somehow missed and then take advantage by getting ahead of it and selling off their stocks or other holdings while they still have the chance. It is more of a silly fantasy than reality.

The markets are strong and pretty stable at the moment. While there is always room for economic improvement, most believe that things are going pretty well right now. As long as that optimism remains high, it is fairly easy to see how things could just keep chugging along just fine. Calling for a recession to happen is perhaps just a pipe dream for those who like nightmares.


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