Adyen Shares Climb By One-Hundred Percent In First Day Of Trading


The Dutch firm Adyen saw its shares rise by about one-hundred percent in its first day of trading as the company launched its IPO. For those who don’t know, Adyen is a payment processor for large companies such as Netflix and Facebook. A lot of investors are excited about the potential that this company has for amazing growth into the future.

Although the company is only twelve years old it has proven profitable for a while now according to CNBC. This has made it an attractive target for potential investors to get involved with. Now that it is possible for them to do on the public markets, the valuation has climbed rapidly.

This is the biggest European technology offering on the public markets since Spotify came out (it originates in Sweden). Thus, there has been more buzz in European technology media lately than is typical for this time of year. There are just so many excited people waiting to see what else is in store for them in the times to come.

It should be noted that the firm is not offering new shares at this time, rather the insiders are selling the shares that they have to institutional investors. About thirteen percent of the entire company has been sold through this method. This is what is driving up the valuation so rapidly on this particular company.

The CEO of the company talked about how proud he is to have been a part of establishing this company that has helped to reshape the payments industry throughout the world. It is truly amazing the reach of this one company simply because of the huge clients that they have. It is their mission to try to make payments as easy as possible for as many people around the world as possible. Thus, they continue to innovate to try to find new ways to bring technologies to those who want to make payments on some of their favorite online services.

Ayden has great ambition to grow in the coming years. It is their hope that it might be possible to expand their services to a whole host of other things that might help grow their profits and their margins into the future. The investors who have put their trust in this company up to this point have made it clear that they are eagerly awaiting new developments to help shape what this company will look like in the future.


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