W.P. Carey: A Dividend Machine


Many investors are looking for solid, quality companies that pay high dividends. And these types of investors are often patient, waiting to make their stock purchases only when the company’s fortunes are looking bright. One such company is W. P. Carey, a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) that is essentially a dividend machine.

A recent article by Brad Thomas highlights W.P. Carey. The following is a synopsis of his review:

Invest For Long Run

W.P. Carey is one of those investments that you just got to love, especially if you are a dividend-oriented investor. It has increased its dividend, now standing tall at 6.3%, over 21 years in a row. The company’s slogan, “Invest For Long Run” is attributed to its founder, Bill Carey, who believed that over time “investors would enjoy stable, risk-adjusted returns.”

W.P. Carey’s REIT Structure

The firm is a leading global net lease REIT. What this means is that Carey invests credit-quality properties with in long-term leases (10-25 years) and in which tenants pay most or all of the property expenses. Currently their investment philosophy revolves around organic growth, transparency, diversification and operational efficiency. As such, their current portfolio of properties in invested 65% in the US with the remainder in Europe and elsewhere. They are well diversified across tenant type as well, with properties in the industrial, office, retail, warehouse and self-storage businesses.

Latest Earning and Balance Sheet

Carey’s latest earning were strong, posting an increase of 2.4% over the previous year. They affirmed their 2018 guidance and look poised for continued secure dividend payouts. Tier balance sheet reflects the company’s continued progress on property growth and favorable debt restructuring.

Are you are looking for a solid dividend payer in your investment portfolio? If so, perhaps W.P. Carey would fit the bill.

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