Students Given The Chance To Try Financial Investment In College


Students that are interested in careers in finance have some excellent opportunities to try their hand in financial investment with real money and investments at a few top colleges in the country. You have probably heard of internships being an option for college students to explore future careers and jobs. For finance and banking, there is no better way to gain a foothold in these fields than by actually investing real money and seeing whether or not there is a return.

Penn State is one college that lets students invest real funds appropriated to them by the university as a learning opportunity. You read that correctly. Students are given real money and make real decisions that impact the bottom line of the investment fund.

A private company started the Penn State student investment fund. The program allows students the chance to experience what financial investing is all about and what is required to be a successful money manager. The Penn State investment fund run by students at the college currently has over seven million in assets. There is no doubt that investing while you are in college grooms these students to find employment at some of the top investment houses in the country.

Michigan State University is another college that lets students hone their financial skills by giving them the opportunity to invest real money. At Michigan State University, students oversee a fund of about five million dollars in assets. They must take a security analysis class, and many are actually graduate students. Students who are selected for the investment project must also make presentations and defend their choices to the finance department. It is an additional way that the university is fostering real-life job skills and learning through earning.

Ohio University also lets students learn finance through hands-on investment experience. The university has created two groups which compete against each other. Both groups manage three different kinds of funds. Any gains they make go directly to the college which provides the money for the student funds in the first place. It is a win-win for students who gain experience and the college which benefits from returns in the funds.

It is astonishing that the rate of return for the Ohio University student investment fund was almost 15%. The student equity fund had an even higher return. Students from the Ohio University finance and business program are now routinely recruited by top financial firms because of the incredible success of the student-run funds.


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