Facebook’s Dating Feature Drops Match.com Shares


Move over Match.com, Facebook is here to eat your lunch. At least that is what developers of Facebook’s new dating feature are hoping. CNBC announced that the world’s largest social media company is working on the launch of a new dating feature that will be hosted by the service that will allow people to find potential partners from a universe of people that they are not already friends with.

This feature is going to be something that Facebook users have to opt-in to. No one is going to be forced to use this thankfully. The point of this is to offer another outlet for users to find the people out there who interest them on a romantic level.

It is expected that the feature will be free just like the rest of Facebook. It is also expected that this feature will be a challenger to the likes of Match and Tinder among others. The share price of Match.com shares went down more than twenty percent on the news that Facebook would be launching this feature. Investors in the company are clearly scared that users of Facebook are just going to flock to that site for their dating purposes. Match.com as a paid service may start to seem a little outdated so to speak.

Some people are raising their eyebrows at the timing of this announcement. Facebook has been in the news lately so much for data leaks and other bad press that some are surprised that they would want to choose a moment like to announce that they are getting into the dating game. It may seem to some that they are not the proper stewards of dating information at a time like this. That criticism may in fact play a big role in how well this idea is accepted or not. There are definitely still some people who are on the sidelines regarding Facebook and what kind of role it should play in the overall media landscape.

Zuckerberg has said that while the main mission of the company right now is to keep everyone and their data safe, Facebook is not going to stop building new things. That has been their business model since day one, and they are not prepared to give that up. The criticism can come in all day but Facebook is not going anywhere. That is what makes the company something that continues to play such an outsized role in American life in general.


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