Wal-Mart Sets Out To Have New Website Design Ready


Wal-Mart sees the writing on the wall about how it must keep pace with online retail giants such as Amazon. It seems to be all that anyone is talking about these days. As such, they are trying to stay one step ahead and make their website more attractive and easy to use says CNBC.

The new Wal-Mart.com is set to roll out to customers as early as next month. According to twice.com, the website is meant to be a lot more personalized. For example, each visitor will see some of the top-selling items in their area right on the homepage. That will at least give them some ideas of the items that they might want to personally lay down their money on as well. Wal-Mart hopes that this will help boost their own sales as they target specific communities with the items that they most care about.

Wal-Mart also has long-term goals to be seen as a fashion destination website as well. This is why the company has been quickly snapping up many top fashion brands as it tries to extend its line of clothing offers as much as possible. They really want people to think of them as a place to go and purchase some new clothes. If people are ready for that or not when it comes to Wal-Mart is yet to be seen.

The overall goal of the new website according to the company itself is to give shoppers the feeling and experience that they are shopping a niche store for exactly what they are looking for. Wal-Mart has built its reputation on having anything and everything that you need, but they want to change that to be more user-specific when it comes to their website. They don’t want to be just the big box store online anymore.

Target has already been working on this same kind of project and has seen some success with it. In the case of Target, they also went for buying up new fashion brands to get the kind of experience on their website for customers that those customers wanted. That is what Wal-Mart is going to have to compete with at this point. Even older retailers such as Macy’s have been working on their websites for a little while now. This puts Wal-Mart a little behind the eight ball but still gives them a chance to get it together and fix up their site like they need to.



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