Whistleblower Says Trump Election Made Him Speak Out


There was a whistleblower behind the recent scandal involving Facebook and Cambridge Analytica. The scandal involved the latter taking data and information from the former for their own personal business uses. They were able to glean data from an estimated fifty million Facebook profiles. They took that information without the consent of the vast majority of people that they gathered data on. This meant that most were left unaware that Cambridge Analytica had their information at all. They were not informed of this, and they were not given the opportunity to opt in or out of the program. Naturally, this angered a lot of people when they heard about it.

Now, CNBC is reporting that the whistleblower who made this news public to all of us recently has stated that the election of Donald Trump was the reason why he decided to go public with this information.

The man’s name is Christopher Wylie, and he says that Trump being elected was a direct result of some of the work that Cambridge Analytica did to help the Trump campaign along. He believes that the two events are connected and that someone needed to say something about it or else this was just going to continue to go on unchallenged.

The company was funded by billionaire Robert Mercer as well as by former advisor to the President Steve Bannon. That gives you some sense of the political leanings of this particular company. They did not really try to hide where they were getting their funds from. They just didn’t think that people would notice or care when they gleaned their information from Facebook via a variety of means. That turned out to not be the case. The public actually cared quite a bit.

Wylie was one of the people working for Cambridge Analytica who had a peek inside exactly the kind of data practices that they were using to get more and more information from Facebook users with or without their permission. He decided that he wanted to speak out against this and let people know exactly what was happening to their data and information. He did and took those facts to the New York Times and the Observer. That helped to get the word out to the whole country and indeed the whole world. Now, Facebook has been under pressure as its stock continues to decline and as the head of the company took several days to respond to all of this latest news.


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