Black Panther Crosses Major Box Office Mark


It is a big number, but one billion dollars is the number that has been achieved by the makers of the movie “Black Panther”. It is not something that most movies will ever see, but this is one of those movies that everyone is talking about.

China played a big role in getting this movie to the big one billion dollar market. CNBC says that they helped to make this the biggest grossing movie to be released in the month of February. That is what has been capturing all of the headlines right now.

This is also a movie that has grossed more money than any other with a black director in all of movie history. That is another proud accomplishment for those who are behind this one.

People are saying that this movie is the grown up Marvel movie that the audience has been dying to see. That is to say that those who like this movie have applauded the makers of it for making it appeal to a more adult audience. A lot of the previous Marvel movies had been targeted more towards children or at least with a family-friendly nature in mind. This movie though was not afraid to put in some adult themes and action.

The movie is actually already getting a lot of chatter as a potential award winner in a number of different categories. People are suggesting that it has the legs to win many more awards that what the makers might have imagined in the beginning. They are definitely thrilled that it has received such a strong reception. It appears like that this will kick off a series of good movies to come up throughout the year. There have already been some pretty special ones.

It is unusual for a movie that is released in the month of February to already receive talk of being the movie of the year, but that might be the case with this one. It has a lot of fans already, and many more are jumping on the bandwagon as they hear about it from their friends.

Many studios have already taken note of the incredible financial numbers that this particular flick has produced, and they are in talks with so many people who had a hand in the creation of this one. They want to work with them again in the future to make even more cinematic magic.


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