Many Americans Rely on Side Hustles to Pay Their Expenses


    Although unemployment is low in the U.S., many Americans still struggle to pay their bills due to slow wage growth. There were 228,000 new jobs added in the U.S. in December, but most of the jobs were in lower-paying fields. Additionally, many Americans are not seeing any boosts in their incomes from a so-called “thriving” U.S. economy.

    In comes the side hustle. According to Marketwatch, nearly 7.5 million Americans work more than one job. Some people are turning their side hustles into lucrative businesses. Others are now making far more than what they made at their full-time jobs.

    Many Americans who have side hustles do something they are passionate about instead of using their skills from work to make a few extra bucks. Statistics show that almost 44 million Americans do something on the side to earn extra money. Millennials are the most likely to have a side hustle, with 26 percent of people aged 18 to 26 working on the side to boost their incomes.

    Although there are stories of people turning side hustles into six-figure incomes, most people generally average $500 a month from side gigs. Here is a list of some of the side gigs people do to help boost their incomes and pay for their daily expenses:

    Increasing traffic to websites- Also known as search engine optimization, this gig helps companies drive high-quality traffic to their websites by ranking at the top of search engines based on specific keyword searches.

    Blog Writing- Some people start writing blogs about their favorite topics and learn to monetize their blogs.

    Lyft and Uber Drivers- Americans who freelance as drivers for the ride-sharing services Uber and Lyft typically average $380 a month or more.

    Fiverr- Some people offer to complete small tasks and services for potential clients starting at $5 per job.


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