Greg Secker on the Importance of Networking in Forex

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Just as in any profession, networking is an integral part of forex trading. The world has seen a dramatic increase in users of social media. But the unseen hand of insight has made it so that there are not just the big players for macro-sharing sites like Twitter and Facebook. We have also seen professions and vocations consumed by the need to network. Nothing, however, beats old fashioned face to face networking? Why? Because of our human instincts, of course.


That’s why leading currency traders like Greg Secker are proponents of social networking for people in the forex industry. Events such as workshops, seminars, and cocktail parties are exclusive gatherings where friendships are made and professional tips are exchanged. Secker operates a website called where he helps forex industry leaders learn new strategies to promote success in their field.


In a day and age when forex trading has been opened up to anyone with a computer, traders — young or old — need all the help they can get it. That’s where Greg Secker comes in. Greg has a training platform that focuses on teaching new traders the tips and tricks that he has learned over the years. His Trading Floor product provides a distinctive atmosphere where those young traders can interact with those more seasoned veterans.


Being immersed in a social environment with like-minded people has proven results across countless industries. A Harvard Business Review study remarked that “[…] in today’s world, networking is a necessity. A mountain of research shows that professional networks lead to more job and business opportunities, broader and deeper knowledge, improved capacity to innovate, faster advancement, and greater status and authority. Building and nurturing professional relationships also improves the quality of work and increases job satisfaction.”


Forex traders would be wise to become adept at networking. There are clients to be found and contracts to be signed. Networking doesn’t have to be a laborious task where people put on fake versions of themselves in order to impress others. A good point to remember is that the people with whom you network are trying to do their very best — just like you. Networking promotes a cohesive atmosphere that breeds a sense of industrial connectivity. In the relationships that are formed, long-lasting connections, idea exchanges, and sounding boards can be found.


So what comes of this networking for which Greg Secker advocates? Networking, it is shown in study after study, helps businesses grow and prosper. For example, in a study published in Administrative Science Quarterly, a University of Maryland professor found that, among internet security start-up firms, investors were more likely to fund a project where the principal had a prior connection to the investor. The study also found that accomplishments contributed to the longstanding success of the company.


So why do entrepreneurs like Greg Secker advocate for networking in forex? Because networking provides an opportunity for sharing successes and learning from the victories as well as the mistakes. Networking gives traders a forum to learn in a way that isn’t possible anywhere else. Ideas — not egos — are paramount in these scenarios. That’s what makes networking events so attractive. They are filled with people who share the same priorities and goals. No one likes to be around people that are focused on themselves so as to dominate a conversation or a dinner. That’s why mutual interface — conversing, talking, and using colleagues as a sounding board — is so effective.


While it may be imperative to know the right people, it is also important to share great ideas. It is a process by which forex professionals like Greg Secker help those whom they mentor. At a workshop or seminar, one may be attracted to an idea while another person may have a concept or prior experience that will only build upon that foundation. The level of effectiveness that can be reached with networking can change companies and lives.


While not many can make an admission, networking can be difficult. But that’s why Greg Secker offers strategies for networking that can make people feel at ease. “Networking requires interacting,” Greg writes at, “and if you shy away from being socially active, you’re not the only one. Believe it or not, people of every age are as nervous as all other age groups when approaching new people and networking. It’s important to understand which characteristics an individual with excellent networking skills [can] obtain.”


It’s okay to be a little intimated by a firm handshake or a slap on the back, but overcoming these fears is an important factor in making relationships that count. While there may be uncomfortable moments at first, networking will become second nature in no time.


Greg Secker offers four tips to people as they embark on their networking journey. They are:


  • Being a great listener during conversations with the people you meet
  • Having an attractive charm by being positive at all times
  • Having connections and putting in a good word for a colleague while working to build loyalty
  • Caring about the people you meet and the promises you make

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