Retailers Posted Deadlines For Christmas Shipping Earlier Than Usual This Year


Retailers have prepared themselves for the surge in holiday shopping on their websites and beyond by posting their deadline to have orders to delivered by Christmas earlier than they ever have before. The most common deadline on average this year was December 19th according to Last year it was December 21st. They want to try to make sure that they really can deliver everything that they promise to their customers to arrive by Christmas. Of course, the only way to make that happen is to make sure they set their deadline back far enough that it can actually be fulfilled.

While this may frustrate some procrastinating shoppers, it is good news for the economy as a whole. It means that retailers are expecting such a surge of customers that they have prepared themselves for that rush by pushing the deadline back. Part of the thing that could be influencing the date this year is the fact that Christmas falls on a Monday. That is one fewer business day to get things delivered than usual. Still, a large part of it has to do with the economy and how many people are now shopping online as well.

Retailers have set their deadlines earlier so as to avoid any issues with getting everything where it needs to go. They do not want to have too many errors that cause them to look bad in front of everyone. It would be upsetting to their customers and bad for their reputation if too many gifts did not make it in time.

There is another factor in all of this as well. Retailers want to put the pressure on those who are shopping online to go ahead and get their gifts ordered right now. Putting out a deadline to have this happen that is a little earlier puts all the more pressure on customers to go ahead and place those orders right away. That legitimately could be part of the strategy of retailers today as well. They can get people to artificially feel that they must order right away, and that in turn can lead to more sales for them in the very near future.


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