Market America Expands to Malaysia

Market America in Malaysia 2017

The year 2017 saw some tremendous milestones for Market America. Not only were they celebrating their 25th year in existence, but they also expanded UnFranchise business ownership to Malaysia. It’s the tenth country thus far to enable everyday people to take control of their financial future and manage their own home-based business through the proven Market America system. To mark the introduction of UnFranchise ownership in Malaysia, Market America hosted the Market Malaysia Grand Opening event during the weekend of October 13th. Over 6,000 UnFranchise owners and other individuals gathered in the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre for a life-altering few days jam-packed with opportunity.

There’s a long history of events leading up to the opening of Market Malaysia, and all of it stands with overwhelming positivity that looms in the opportunity of creating residual income. UnFranchise owners from nine other countries are already building their own futures. These countries are United States, Canada, Mexico, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, United Kingdom and Spain. Though, Market America’s reach is much farther than these ten solid countries. In fact, the company does business in more than 200 countries and territories, and has over 1,000 employees all over the world. That’s not even counting the thousands of UnFranchise owners who are running their Market America operations. The numbers speak for themselves; the system is powerful. It brings people together and doesn’t pay any mind to topical differences. Rather, it brings people together through the sheer will to improve their circumstances.

Market America is an extensive world force, seeking to bring financial independence via residual income to millions around the globe.

Top-level executives at Market America including Marc Ashley drive home the powerhouse reality of diversification. He says that the UnFranchise model traverses cultural and language boundaries. This brings people together in an unexpected but globally enriching way. Market America depends on the wealth of backgrounds and experiences of UnFranchise owners as a driving force propelling the company to new heights. Beyond international connectedness, Market America is making a dent in improving the lives of those involved with the company.

Market America Shop Revolution When following the system and dedicating their time and energy to their own success, UnFranchise owners can create an income that will get them out of the rat race. The modern job in an office or other setting has limitations at every corner. In traditional jobs, your future depends on the company’s decisions and the decisions of those managing you. These could even be people that you have never met before. Imagine that, your future resting in the hands of someone whose face you’ve never even seen.

With Market America, your future is dependent on the time and effort that you put into your work. It’s not dependent on someone noticing you or allowing you to take credit for all that you do. The system, when used properly, gives you what you put into it. It’s certainly not for people who want their futures dictated by someone else. And even in this economy, jobs are not guaranteed. When you’re an UnFranchise owner, you hold the reigns and you’re the one in control of your job security.

Market America has been refining their UnFranchise ownership system for over two decades, and it shows. UnFranchise owners join Market America, where they receive training, skill-garnering opportunities, and the ability to sell goods online. Many of these owners become experts in their fields – from nutrition and weight loss, to make up. Since they are joining a group of like-minded people, there’s no shortage of resources at their disposal. Becoming an UnFranchise owner also means you’re joining a team of other UnFranchise owners. Their success is your success, and vice versa.

The company’s expansion is just one of the solid indicators of the changing landscape of the internet age economy.

People previously shopped at small businesses and big box stores. But these models both miss a key component of purchase that the other fulfills. Small businesses just can’t offer the great price points that the big box stores can. And on the other end, the big box stores, can’t provide the level of attention and customer service to clients. Customers deserve the best of both worlds. With Market America, customers get the great prices and the personalized customer service. They are informed and they don’t feel like they’re just another cog in the consumer system. Market Malaysia brings this new form of purchasing power to over 30 million Malaysians.

Market America Malaysia Opening
Market America Malaysia Grand Opening

One of the potent components of Market America brought to Malaysia is shopping annuity. This is a simple concept, but makes for a dramatic overhaul of the typical online market. With shopping annuity, you’re earning money while you’re spending. Yes, simple concept. And they’re no catch. Just continue to spend the money you normally would on the items you would normally buy. Do so through Market America and rake in the money back. The system actually encourages customers to streamline their shopping and earn rewards from doing so.

In addition to shopping annuity, Market America boasts hefty shopping comparison software through This enables customers to make highly informed shopping decisions. In our current market, it’s sometimes difficult to be as informed as we’d like to be before making a purchase. Market America’s transparency gives the power to the customer and the UnFranchise owner. To further help customers and UnFranchise owners, Market America uses robust technological advances to analyze consumer spending habits, making the optimal go-to shopping avenue for a large population of shoppers.

Market Malaysia Country Manager Cherie Fong suggests that the multicultural influence of Malaysia could also open up the opportunity for Market America to expand to the surrounding countries. And this points to another Market America principle – there’s enough to go around. The more we expand opportunities to others, the more success we have, the more everyone is benefitting. Market America is an engine driving UnFranchise owners and customers into the future of shopping. Market Malaysia is up and running. There are years of exciting development ahead for Malaysia and for Market America.



  1. Markt America has been such a cool system to learn about, same with and there’s just a real community feel to it all


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