Glen Wakeman: A Role Model for the Thinking Entrepreneur


Glen Wakeman, the CEO, and co-founder of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC, has been employed in the financial field for approximately 20 years. Glen Wakeman started his illustrious career at GE Capital after he received his Bachelor of Science in economics and finance from the University of Scranton. He had also received his Master of Business Administration in Finance from the University of Chicago.


With a reputation as a knowledgeable financial mentor, Glen Wakeman helped start-up companies and divestitures. Today, he specializes in leadership skills and risk management strategies. Glen Wakeman is an experienced investor and prolific author. His own personal investments and writings reveal a man with a deep understanding of financial issues, administration techniques, and global investments. He has been a valuable mentor and counselor to various entrepreneurs. In his official blog, Glen Wakeman writes about international matters, transforming businesses, leadership skills, financial strategies and emerging markets.


Regarded by his peers as a contemporary revolutionary in the business world, Glen Wakeman’s advice for new business owners involves inventing innovative performance techniques. His methodology focuses on how to become a leader. People respect his wisdom regarding economics and strategies that make businesses more successful. Focused on developing new businesses into successful ventures, Glen Wakeman is a corporate guru for numerous aspiring entrepreneurs.


The Journey


Mr. Wakeman has been a resident in six different countries where he has helped companies to succeed. As the co-founder and CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC, a “software as a service” (SaaS) company, Glen Wakeman help beginning entrepreneurs grow their businesses by using his unique business planning software. He is an ardent believer in innovative methods that help companies attain success. His innovative LaunchPad ToolKit features a complex library filled with useful tips to help new entrepreneurs succeed.


Previously the founder of Nova Four, a company offering strategic guidance, Glen Wakeman has extensive experience in commercial and retail banking, institutional investments and insurance agency operations. He is the recipient of numerous national and global awards for his strong belief in corporate social responsibilities.


Glen Wakeman believes that entrepreneurs need to have specific strategies in place if they want their businesses to thrive. His blog posts offer helpful guidelines regarding how to achieve excellence, celebrate successful victories, motivate employees and discover realistic ways to become more organized. He believes that empowerment is an earned ability.


According to Glen Wakeman, entrepreneurs need to earn their rights to act as authoritative role models. Creating a strong foundation is based on a system of trust. Entrepreneurs need to trust their associates, employees and, most of all, themselves as they create their companies.


What a Good Business Person Should Know


Business owners need to meditate on their expectations. Entrepreneurs need to think about prior mistakes and ensure that they have risk management strategies in place. Otherwise, growing a business is similar to gambling in a casino. If taking a huge gamble is the wrong way to run a trustworthy company, then analyzing facts and figures makes common sense. Another idea is that the evolution of a company takes time. An entrepreneur needs to build each level of the business slowly until ultimate goals are reached.

Managers and supervisors need to help their employees make wise decisions. One way to ensure that each team member makes the right choice is to look for facts that go against the common belief system. It is always helpful to ascertain whether employees are making good decisions when they start with facts instead of fanciful daydreams. Glen Wakeman bases his radical method on what he calls “disconfirming” evidence.

People need to look for information demonstrating possible errors in their thinking patterns. Entrepreneurs and team members must understand their erroneous ideas. Once they realize that specific beliefs are possibly incorrect, it is easier to make correct decisions that ultimately benefit the company. If supervisors and employees seek out opposing evidence without any results, it is then safe to assume they can act upon their ideas with complete conviction.


One way to ensure that other team members understand directions is by asking them to explain their actions based on the initial instructions. It is possible that managers and employees may not comprehend the complete picture even though the business owner has repeated the same instructions several times. Asking employees to repeat the instructions ensures that they are performing their duties correctly from the beginning. A better comprehension before starting any task typically results in successfully accomplishing a mission without having to repeat the same duty several times.


Glen Wakeman believes that leaders need to make the right choices because their decisions are going to determine the success or failure of their companies. Making a serious error may result in an inescapable path toward destruction. Once an entrepreneur makes the wrong choice, he or she may not have any alternative paths on which to travel. Looking back toward the past may not offer a feasible solution to the current problem. Some of the decisions requiring careful scrutiny involve hiring new employees, company acquisitions, new market entries and developing unique products.


Why Caution is Key


However, caution does not necessarily mean slowing down the pace to a snail’s crawl. Careful scrutiny involves considering all the pros and cons when investigating various concepts and plans. Entrepreneurs should not make any proposals without considering all possible future consequences.


Avoiding negative results is better accomplished by writing emails and having enlightened discussions with business associates. Thinking about all possible risks offers a key method in eliminating potential errors. Although this technique is not easy, people can learn and practice the system with successful results if they are willing to sacrifice the time to put the concept into practice.


Entrepreneurs need to remember that emotions bar the way to clear thinking. Everyone loves a fresh idea, especially if the concept stems from the mind of the budding entrepreneur. People always win arguments when they bargain with their own minds. However, life in the real world is not the same as the imaginary thoughts racing through an overly creative mind. Checking out the facts offers one way to see clearly. A different method involves discussing ideas with another person in a defensive way. An entrepreneur who is unable to offer reasonable explanations for his or her actions should take a deep breath and study the situation with more prudence.


Never make a quick decision about anything related to a business. New entrepreneurs may find that contemplation is a useful tool. Take the time to contemplate every situation before making any decisions about a course of action. Express thought processes at staff meetings or in emails before putting them into motion. It is always helpful to sleep on a small or large project rather than make a serious mistake.


Risk management is not just about managing financial risks. An entrepreneur practicing a risk management strategy needs to find a way to prevent any type of risk that may affect the business in an adverse way. It is better to proceed slowly than to experience remorse caused by making a rash decision. Deep breathing and meditation techniques provide useful tools to slow down the passing of time. Once time moves more slowly, it is easier to make the right choice.


Once an entrepreneur makes a decision, it is important to stick to the resolution without wavering or longing for the past. A business owner has the advantage of decreasing risks by taking a few steps forward without dwelling on former events. Once a plan is set into motion, it is important to see it through to the end. If it is a good plan, the business may benefit in multiple ways. Procrastination is a dangerous way to proceed because a procrastinator continues to avoid making or implementing any decisions. Make a decision now and stick to the plan. Creative strategies may result in astonishing rewards.

Making a Plan


Glen Wakeman enjoys matching concepts with money. He strives to develop ways to help new entrepreneurs create plans leading to success. Before he founded LaunchPad Holdings, LLC, his research led him to the conclusion that ideas did not have any structure. A person can have an excellent idea without having a clue as to how to put the concept into motion. LaunchPad Holdings, LLC, is a way to help people implement their plans. The simple software platform is easy to use and helps entrepreneurs take their plans and run with them until they eventually achieve successful results.


It is important to bear in mind that a concept is not necessarily a plan. An idea does not become a plan until the creator has a way of transforming the concept into a tangible product in the real world. While the imagination is an amazing tool for thinking about all sorts of innovative concepts, people also need practical solutions for molding their ideas into reality.


For Glen Wakeman, a typical day involves looking at the previous day’s calculations. He studies all the sales and then meets with his business colleagues to determine which individuals perform specific tasks ( Looking at the latest trends offers useful information. Another activity involves reading questions posed by prospective customers and replying to emails. Glen Wakeman and his partners enjoy studying their competitors and the products they introduce to the marketplace. He jokingly remarks that he and his partners drink their favorite cups of coffee while discussing ways in which they are going to rule the entire world.


Glen Wakeman is not opposed to indulging in a margarita at the end of a busy day, although overindulgence is not part of his mindset. The distribution of duties plays an important role in the proper management of his corporation. Trustworthiness is also a critical component. Glen Wakeman enjoys applying machine learning to problems occurring within his company. He has mentioned that the huge amount of data available today enables entrepreneurs to solve perplexing issues. He thinks that machine learning is an important tool that inspires people to make better decisions and quality products.


According to Glen Wakeman, it is easier to bring ideas to life when he tells other people about his concepts. Sharing his thoughts enables him to create a mental outline that helps him think things through in a thorough way. When he shares his ideas with colleagues and team members, he attains a better grasp as to which steps he needs to take to turn them into real items and services. Plus, a mental outline gives him the ability to defend his ideas in a way that makes perfect sense.

The Depths of His Mind


Glen Wakeman believes in expressing ideas into spoken words because talking about the concepts sometimes enables him to separate his good ideas from his bad ideas. He instantly recognizes an outstanding idea when the other team members are enthusiastic about transforming it into a clear-cut project. Glen Wakeman believes in sharing his concepts with people who do not typically agree with his thought processes. In addition, he enjoys discovering justifiable reasons behind the creation of his ideas.


Glen Wakeman is a firm believer in curiosity. He values his curious mind more than any of his other excellent qualities (SlideShare). Glen Wakeman has stated that curiosity enables him to find ways in which he can solve his business-related problems. He has also mentioned that his curious mind helps him invent unique concepts that resonate with his clients and prospective customers. Mr. Wakeman wants to understand the reasons behind things so that he is more capable of transforming them into lasting trends.


According to Glen Wakeman, it is important to keep track of acquaintances, business colleagues, and family members. He regrets the fact that he did not keep better records of his previous friendships and customers. With the advent of social media platforms, he believes that it is now easier to stay connected to customers and prospective clients. Glen Wakeman has mentioned that important connections constitute the key to ultimate success or failure as an entrepreneur.

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