Apple Tells The Public Why Their Old iPhones Might Slow Down


    Many happy Apple iPhone users turn on the company when they start to see their iPhones slowing down after the latest model is released. There has been a conspiracy theory of sorts out there that Apple intentionally slows down the speed at which an older iPhone works in order to try to push their users into getting the latest model. It is a theory that is popular among those who have experienced this seemingly slowdown in the past. However, Apple told the public today why their iPhones really do slow down over time. reports that Apple says that older iPhones with less sophisticated batteries are often not able to keep up with the software updates that the company routinely comes out with. The company also confirmed that it does use an algorithm to keep those older phones running at optimal performance and battery life as the new updates come out. Of course, it is a balancing act, and sometimes this does in fact lead to slower processing speeds on the older phones.

    The fact that the company has acknowledged that this is something that it engages in is a big step in the right direction for hopefully putting this rumor to rest. Apple would like to do all that it can to help people understand that they really are not trying to tamper with their iPhones unnecessarily just to make them purchase the latest addition. Apple makes plenty of money without having to pull a move like this that would more than likely alienate a base of customers that they rely on so heavily in the first place.

    The company says that it has only been doing this since the iPhone 6 was introduced to the market. It wanted to help decrease the chance that their would be older phones that shut down as a result of new updates with each new phone that comes out. Although slower processing speeds for some customers might be frustrating, it is a big improvement over the idea of the phone completely shutting down due to a lack of ability to manage the newest updates that the company produces.

    You have to consider this story from all sides. It turns out that what some people thought of as Apple working against them may actually be a story of the company trying to do everything that it can to keep customers as happy as possible.


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