Why Mark Zuckerberg is to Blame for Palo Alto Housing Problem


    Adrian Bonilla says that he has been living in Silicon Valley for the past few years in a shared house. During this time, the house has managed to become a home to his wife as well as his two grandchildren. However, that changed this year when he was forced to move out. The house he used to pay $900 monthly jumped to $1,200. He says that this happened because Facebook was located nearby. This is a place that he has lived since 1991. At the moment, Mr. Bonilla says that he works as an Uber driver and as a mechanic. He reckons that he was left no option by the city. He further laments that space was being cleared to accommodate “the Facebook School”. This is a private school that has been co-founded by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. The school also targets children from low-income families. The school will be addressing the issues that affect the society. However, though Chan Zuckerberg Initiative means no harm to the residents of the area, it has received a harsh reception. Mr. Bonilla is one person who is not happy with the school. He says that when the school moves in, the remaining population will have to settle elsewhere.

    Things are quite complicated to Facebook at the moment. Other than Mr. Bonilla, people elsewhere in the US are frustrated with the role that the company played during the past presidential elections in America. However, the resistance that Mark Zuckerberg has faced in his locality is another reminder of the resistance that the rich people have to overcome on a daily basis. Three days ago, there was a meeting that was organized at East Alto City Hall. This is the neighborhood that is surrounded by the headquarters of Facebook. The residents discussed the housing problems that they were experiencing. Some angry protestors said that Mr. Zuckerberg was to blame. One of the people attending this meeting was Zach Kirk who is 20-years-old at the moment. He said that he wanted to address the elephant in the room. The Stanford University student said that Mark Zuckerberg had caused the problems that they were experiencing. As for Mr. Kirk, he was born and raised in Palo Alto. Mark Zuckerberg is used to this attention. Three years ago, he had an opportunity of buying a house in San Francisco. The decision was met with anger by the neighbors who argued that the price of the houses in the area would inflate.


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