How to Best Manage Your Money


About 65 percent of American residents stay awake at night worrying about money. With the much advice from various quarters, it is common for individuals to get overwhelmed. So as to have your money under control, there are a few things that you ought to look at, among them having a streamlined spending. According to a survey conducted by the CareerBuilder, many full-time workers live paycheck to paycheck. Over 71 percent are living in depts. It is good to note that it is difficult to get ahead if you tend to spend more than you make. For you to save, you must have some money left on you at the end of the month. This implies that if you don’t have some money left with you at the end of the month, you can choose to either cut your spending or increase your income. Cutting on your spending requires you to come up with a budget. You can increase your earning by asking for a pay raise or even doing some overtime work.

Before buying something that will later make you fill guilty, it is essential to come up with a waiting period of at least 24 hours. By doing this, you will have ample time to deliberate on whether you need the commodity, or there is something more important that you can buy with that money. Many relationship stresses originate from money issues. It is important for spouses to read on the same page as long as spending and savings are concerned. It is impossible to make progress if your partner’s intention is to spend while you want to save.

Many uncertainties may come along your way. It is essential to consider this factor and hence have some money saved for such eventualities. According to a Pew Survey conducted in the year 2015, about 60 percent of Americans do not have at least $500 in the bank for emergencies. Failure to save for a rainy day may result in one accumulating a massive debt, and hence make saving in the future even more difficult. You can begin saving as little amount as possible. Always bear in mind that as days go by, your retirement time is fast approaching. It is of great essence to have some money saved up for the retirement. Once you retire, you cannot do anything, hence the importance of beginning to save for retirement as soon as possible.


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