Dealing with Lack of Diversity in America


    Mellody Hobson recently gave her insights about the corporate America that she has always dreamt of. For starters, this is the chief executive and president of an American investment firm known as Ariel Investments. She said that America has for years tried to come up with workplace diversity. She further said that it’s time they stopped trying and start implementing the thing. In her speech, she pleaded with chief executives to take a look at the life of Colin Kaepernick. This was a football player in America who never shied away from letting people know that he didn’t like any form of oppression. At the same time, he always took a knee when he wanted to be heard. The issue that disturbed Mr. Kaepernick most was the death of black people while they were with the police. Ms. Hobson asked her fellow executives whether they knew the difference between trying and doing. Nonetheless, she reminded her audience that she never met Mr. Kaepernick, but one thing she was sure about is that he was her hero. She once again reminded them that Mr. Kaepernick saw it as his own responsibility to ensure that values of liberty and life for all Americans were upheld.

    She was speaking at a conference that had been organized by the New York Times. Things are quite complicated if we go by the numbers. For instance, it was discovered that in the pool of Fortune 500 companies, the number that makes women chief executives is six percent. The situation is worse for the minority groups as only two come from these groups. This means that one is Hispanic while the other is Asian. Back executives especially women are even rarer. At the moment, there are only four black executives on this list. It’s worth noting that these executives are men and this number will decrease soon as Kenneth Chenault is set to leave his position. For starters, Kenneth Chenault is the American Express chief executive, and he announced that he would be leaving his position in 2018. Mr. Chenault also had some insight into corporate America. He said that he was also worried that they had fallen into the current situation. He also said that the situation is not only happening in the top seats but also on the boards. Few women make to these boards as well as people of color. A magazine known as Black enterprise found out that out of the 500 Fortune companies, 197 don’t have directors of color.

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