Who Should Compensate Mass Shooting Victims?


One question that still lingers in the mind of many people is who is to blame for the Las Vegas shootings. The shooter is already dead, who should be held responsible by the court? This is not the first incidence that such lawsuits have arisen. In the past, lawsuits were filed after the Orlando shooting, Newtown, Connecticut massacre, and Virginia Tech Shooting. As we speak, lawsuits have been filed in Nevada after Stephen Paddock opened fire and killed 58 people. One of the lawsuit was filed at the Clark County District Court. This is a lawsuit that has mentioned a number of defendants such as MGM Resorts which is the owner of the Mandalay Bay, the Mandalay Bay, Live Nation as well as the promoter of the concert. This lawsuit has also mentioned the people the manufacturers of bump stocks in this lawsuit. Bump stock is the device that was used by the shooter to turn the gun from a semiautomatic gun to an automatic one. This is just the first lawsuit as hundreds of lawsuits are expected in the coming days as families, relatives, and friends find someone to blame for the shootings. However, if these people will succeed in their endeavors, they will have to clear with high bars. For starters, this will involve the legal protections that have been put in place for landowners and manufacturers.

The case has been brought forward by Paige Gasper who is a student at Sonoma State University in California. At the same time, the plaintiff is 21 years old and had gone out with her friends. When the shootings began, she was shot in her right underarm, and she fell on the ground. As a result, she was trampled in her efforts to escape. She was rescued by a stranger who took her to a hospital alongside other victims. According to Paige, she is the only one who survived in the group she had travelled with. At the hospital, she was treated for lacerated liver and fractured ribs. She’s now back in California with her family. According to professor Timothy D. Lytton who teaches at Georgia State University, he notes that a decision to hold the gun companies is unlikely. Should it happen, it would be unprecedented. At the same time, he holds the opinions that the concert venue and the hotel should be made to compensate the victims. The questions that should be addressed is whether there was recklessness or whether there is anything extra that the organizers should have done.


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