Voting with Wallet is no Longer Effective


People hate various companies for various reasons. A certain reporter says that Amazon ranks top in the list of companies that she hates. Her reason is quite obvious as she says that the tech company has played a huge role in destroying store businesses everywhere. At the same time, she says that she hates Amazon as it has destroyed the ability of thousands of publishers and authors to make a living. Now that Amazon is done with these businesses, it wants to move to the Main Street and do an overhaul of the retail sector. Despite these reasons, people still shop at Amazon. While excuses may vary, common ones include that the nearest bookstore is some minutes away, hence waste of time. Furthermore, isn’t it convenient a book being delivered at your door step? People further say that the prices with amazon are quite okay. And this issue is all over. For instance, Starbucks faced a wrath of Americans when responding to President Trump’s travel bans. The company issued a statement saying that it would hire 10,000 refuges. In fact, a recent study carried out at the Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management by Brayden King shows that there is no relationship between these public commitments and customer behavior.

This is what is referred to as refusing to vote with our wallets. As consumers, the best protest that we can carry out to express our demands is refusing to spend cash on companies that go against our principles. While we are so good in saying this, very few people actually get to implement the tactic. However, McCombs School of Business that is found at the University of Texas offered various reasons for the behavior. A professor at the institution known as Julie Irwin explained that there are thousands of explanations that people can give. At the institution, the professor specializes with ethical consumerism. She says that it’s very difficult to think about this stuff. She further says that it’s not that people don’t care, they have to get on with their lives. In fact, she says that the people who care more are the people who have been shown to be inconsistent when it comes to values. She further says that from her many years of study, thinking more about these values only upset people more. At times, these boycotts may be effective. For instance, the boycott #DeleteUber made Uber fire their chief executive.


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