Howard L. Morgan Joins B Capital Group as Chairman


    In an illustrious career that has lasted for decades, Howard L. Morgan has been in charge of several companies. For instance, he is one of the earliest investors and executives of the company known as Renaissance Technologies. This is a giant hedge fund company operating around the world. At the same time, he is regarded as the co-founder of a venture capital firm known as First Round Capital. Just yesterday, it was revealed that he would be joining Eduardo Saverin in his next venture. Mr. Saverin is a Brazilian investor who currently lives in Singapore and is one of the earliest co-founders of Facebook. The company owned by Eduardo Saverin is known as B Capital Group. The company through their spokesman announced that Howard L. Morgan would be joining the company with immediate effect as their chairman. Beyond this change, the company also mentioned other small changes that would be implemented by the company. For instance, Boston Consulting Group chairman Joe Davis would be joining the company as the vice chairman. At the same time, the company announced that Allen Duan would be joining them as a managing partner. Finally, B Capital Group also announced that a new senior advisor known as Rohit Bhagat had been hired.

    Finance experts speculate that the addition of the new executives alongside Howard L. Morgan is an effort by the company to improve its operations around the world. This is a company that invests in start-ups across the globe. However, the company has only been in existence for only two years and is currently based in Singapore. Raj Ganguly is the other co-founder of the company and currently resides in San Francisco. In the two years of business, the company has established a strategic partnership with an American company known as Boston Consulting Group. The role of Boston Consulting Group in this partnership is to find investments and at the same time identify potential start-ups. While talking in a telephone interview, Mr. Saverin said that Howard L. Morgan remains a giant and a force to be reckoned with in the technology industry. Howard L. Morgan is currently 71 and used to be an academician before he made the switch to the corporate world back in the 80s. He is regarded as the co-founder of Idealab. 13 years ago, he was also involved in the establishment of First Round Capital. He has also had some input in the establishment of Uber.


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